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Preventative Dentistry

Prevention is better than cure.

Understanding Preventative Dentistry

Let’s face it, who wants any other kind of dentistry? At HBA, we are firm believers in Desiderius Erasmus’s philosophy that “prevention is better than cure.” Therefore, we advise that you and each member of your family should have a dental check-up at least every six months for effective prevention of tooth decay and early detection of oral health issues.

Preventative dentistry begins by developing a healthy habit of brushing and flossing regularly. It also includes visiting an experienced dentist every six months. During your visits to our clinic, we’ll educate you and your family on the best ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy. We demonstrate the best techniques for brushing and flossing, suggest what toothpaste to use (especially if you have specific problems like sensitivity or bad breath), and sometimes even provide you with sample products to try.

Brushing Teeth

Preventative Dentistry For Your Family

Our long-term goal is to help you achieve healthy teeth at old age, without the need for implants or dentures.

Children require preventative care to develop positive oral hygiene routines and ensure their teeth develop properly as they progress to adulthood. Adults require preventative care to maintain healthy teeth and detect early signs of oral diseases including cavities, gingivitis, and enamel loss. We strive to keep our relationship with you and your family anchored at prevention, as opposed to treatment. Some of the preventative dental services that we deliver in the relaxed atmosphere of our clinic are:

  • Scale and Clean to give you a whiter, brighter smile and to prevent gum disease.

  • Fissure Sealants to help prevent cavities developing in the first place

  • Fillings to treat cavities and protect teeth from further breakdown.

  • Root canal treatment to give your tooth another chance at restoration.

  • Tooth extraction to avoid overcrowding or misalignment of teeth.

  • Placing crowns to strengthen teeth, improve their colour and shape.

Brushing Teeth

Healthier Gums, Happier You

Help your loved ones maintain good oral health and prevent gum disease through regular check-ups at HBA Dental. Gum disease is an infection of the gums, however if detected early it can be treated - another reason for you to smile!

The first stage of gum disease is Gingivitis –hardened plaque build-up around the base of your teeth allows bacteria to enter the gums causing inflammation, redness and bleeding when you brush your teeth. This damage can be reversible!

However, if left untreated Gingivitis may progress to a more severe form of gum disease called Periodontitis. This can erode the gum, bone and supporting tissues leading to the loss of teeth. We want to avoid this from happening!

Regular visits to our Hygienist can help prevent gum disease from worsening and alleviate the discomfort, inflammation and bleeding that gum disease can cause.


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