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Dentistry for Kids

All our dentists at HBA Dental are parents themselves.

We Understand.

Our aim is to make every child’s visit to HBA Dental informative and fun to encourage children to adopt positive life-long, oral care practices.

Our services for kids include:

  • Routine dental checkups

  • Mouth guards

  • Tooth fissure sealants

  • Milk tooth extractions

  • Fillings

  • Demonstrations of correct brushing and flossing techniques.

It Starts with Mum and Dad

Often children’s first experience of the dentist is when they accompany mum or dad, or a loved family member for their appointment. We like to capitalise on this opportunity to make children’s first experience of a dental environment a positive one! Children (including toddlers!) are encouraged to come to the practice and watch their loved ones getting a check-up and even sit on the dental chair to familiarise themselves with the general dentistry setting in a safe, relaxed and fun manner. We have colouring available for young children and each visit ends with children choosing a sticker and a helium balloon to take home. We encourage children to go home and draw a picture of their dental experience and bring it back when they next visit so we can display it on our wall.

The Beginning of Something Good

Starting from the time children’s first teeth erupt – usually around six months of age – brushing should begin. Brushing baby’s teeth twice a day helps keep them clean and establishes healthy oral routines from a young age – even if all they want to do is bite the toothbrush! You are encouraged to bring your baby or toddler in to see us if you have any concerns about how to care for their teeth.


Most children have their full set of baby teeth when they are two years old – this is when we will carry out their first formal dental check-up. Children are eased into the check-up by firstly ‘riding’ the dental chair as it moves up and down, and then selecting a pair of fun children’s sunglasses to wear during the appointment. Each step of the check-up is taken slowly and of course mum/dad, or their other trusted loved ones are always close by. The check-up will conclude with an educative activity to show children (and mum and dad) how to best care for their teeth and children will be provided with a toothbrush to take home to practice with.


What if treatment is necessary?

Although prevention is the key to ensuring your child’s oral health, occasionally treatment will be required to treat a cavity or other tooth condition. As a provider of children’s dentistry in Perth, we are well equipped to carry out paediatric dentistry.

If a filling is necessary, then our dentists will do their best to try and make this treatment 'part of the fun' of their dental visit. Our dentists will take the time to make children feel comfortable before any treatment begins. Children who are particularly anxious are welcome to use nitrous oxide (happy gas) to help calm any nerves. All treatment carried out will be done as carefully as possible while prioritising the child’s wellbeing. We only use white fillings on children.

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