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  • General Dentistry
    HBA Dental is a general dental practice where our dentists are skilled in all facets of dentistry. We provide preventive services (and of course like you, we like to keep the relationship anchored there). We have a dental hygiene team that is dedicated to this task. However should it be necessary, we also offer you the full range of techniques for restoring damaged teeth with modern and traditional materials: composite resin, glass ionomer cement, porcelain, amalgam and gold. We like you to be fully involved in the choice of material used, and we are happy to discuss the relative merits of each material. We can also replace missing teeth, and again we like you to be fully involved in choosing a method which is appropriate to you. We can offer removable dentures acrylic or alloy frameworks, traditional or Maryland bridges, or implants. The choice is yours. Nervous about dentists? We do understand; come and talk to us. If need be, we have sedation facilities including nitrous oxide (happy gas) and can also arrange to have all your treatment done while you are asleep (twilight dentistry).
  • Preventive Dentistry
    Let’s face it, who wants any other kind of dentistry? Preventive dentistry involves maintaining good oral health through regular check-ups. A check-up every six months will help prevent decay and tooth loss. Early detection of gum disease and other oral health problems allows us to intercept problems before they occur, using simple preventive measures. At HBA, we are firm believers in the philosophy, “Prevention is better than cure” – Desiderius Erasmus. During your visit, our dentists will advise you of the best ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy. We will demonstrate the best brushing and flossing techniques; recommend what toothpaste to use; and may provide you with sample products to try. Gum disease can occur for no reason – however if detected early, it can be treated. Regular visits to our hygienist will help ensure that you avoid the discomfort of the effects of gum disease, which include bleeding, inflammation and looseness or migration of teeth. Left untreated, gum disease can destroy the gum, bone and supporting tissues and can lead to the loss of teeth.
  • Dentistry for Kids
    As HBA is a family friendly practice we encourage parents to bring their children in for a visit to meet our dentists when they are between two to three years old. However we welcome children even younger as bringing them along when you have a check-up assists them to adjust to the dental practice environment. Most children have their full set of baby teeth by three years of age – this is when we will carry out their first dental examination. The aim is to make your child as comfortable as possible during visits by making them informative and fun. Prevention is once again the key to ensuring your child’s oral health, however should a filling be necessary then we have plenty of experience in making this “part of the fun”. Happy gas is also available, and white fillings are used on children.
  • Cerec Dentistry
    CEREC is a state-of-art computerised system that allows us to take 3D digital model of your tooth and then design a custom fit porcelain ceramic restoration to match the colour of your tooth, all in one appointment! Fillings, crowns and veneers can be made by this method. If a CEREC is a suitable option for your tooth, we would start by removing any old fillings, cracks, or any tooth decay that may be present. Our CEREC 3D camera is then placed over the tooth and a digital image is recorded. With the help of advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD), your custom fit restoration is then designed right in front of you. Our CEREC milling unit then is able to precisely create your newly designed restoration from a solid block of porcelain ceramic which is then bonded in your mouth. There is no need for additional appointments, or messy impressions!
  • Emergency Pain Relief
    At HBA Dental, we understand that a dental emergency is a very unpleasant experience and we will ensure that you will be seen as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please get in touch to talk to our team.
  • Invisalign
    Invisalign provides a modern day alternative to braces. The invisalign process begins with the generation of a virtual treatment plan tailored especially for you via the Align Technology ClinCheck® software. This software will allow you to see how your teeth will be repositioned over the course of treatment. Each week they will be gently pushed into position until they become straight. The teeth are pushed into position by a series of clear plastic aligners, similar to that of a retainer but made to fit perfectly to ensure maximum comfort. Every two weeks you change aligners so that they shift your teeth in the desired direction. As the aligners are almost invisible and can be removed they are a convenient option for those who may not feel comfortable wearing braces. Our dentists are experienced with Invisalign and can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted. Please feel free to contact us for further information.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry & Teeth Whitening
    Interested in achieving a whiter and brighter smile? We are happy to discuss with you what you have in mind and any other options for you to achieve a healthy, natural and amazing smile. We also offer a take home bleaching kit as we believe that this is the safest and cheapest way in getting a result you will be happy with. Take home bleaching kits are available for only $440. Why not contact us to discuss whether this is the best option for you?


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